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The Founding of Alpha Edge

Alpha Edge was started by founders, Mr Stanley Ong, Mr Low Giau Kim, Miss Ariel Tan, Mr Tan Yong Guan and Mr Alan Yeo in the year 2020 to meet the growing demand for professional investment advisory services in Singapore. As the clients in Singapore are getting more financially and digitally savvy, we believe that the conventional method of doing business in the financial industry has changed. Cost efficiency is one of the key factors that clients are seeking nowadays, and we aim to create value by building learning opportunities for them, thus enabling a better and more informed investment decision.



We aim to provide a fun and fulfilling investment experience for our clients and regularly conduct webinars and seminars to ensure that our clients are always well ahead in the investment space. We are currently the largest team in iFAST Global Markets in terms of AUA and continue to seek opportunities to grow our business both locally and internationally.



The conventional way of doing business in the banking and financial industry is transactional in nature. We believe that this is detrimental to the clients in the long run and aim to be remunerated based on the growth of our clients’ portfolio. This ensures that the team objectives are always aligned to our clients’ objectives.



To be the go-to advisor for 10,000 families globally, advising on all aspects of their family wealth journey. This will include risk management, wealth creation and wealth preservation.

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To respect and comply with the laws, regulations and fair social rules in Singapore and other countries where we conduct businesses, as well as their values and act in good faith while maintaining the highest ethical standard to achieve clients’ fulfilment and trust.

To treat our clients fairly in terms of our charges and remuneration.

To conduct ourselves responsibly in all our dealings with business partners, internal and external clients.

To exhibit utmost respect, courtesy, patience and politeness towards all business partners, internal clients as well as external clients.

To act as a good corporate citizen, continuously striving to achieve co-prosperity with our business partners, internal and external clients.

To ensure confidentiality over clients’ and business partners’ records and the Company’s information.

Meet our


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Stanley Ong

The co-founder and team director of Alpha Edge (iFast Global Markets) has more than 18 years of experience in the wealth management and banking industry. Prior to joining iFAST, Stanley held senior positions at Eastspring Investment, Standard Chartered Bank and Maybank.

Stanley spearheads the team’s effort in building the wealth management business with clients’ focus in mind. These efforts helped set the foundation for the other team members in prioritising clients’ interests first, ahead of team performance.

Stanley was named the top Global Branch Manager at Standard Chartered Bank. Stanley graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in marketing and economics, and he is a Chartered Financial Planner.

Team Director

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Low Giau Kim

The co-founder and director of Alpha Edge started his investment journey more than 30 years ago. Prior to joining iFast, Giau Kim spend more than 25 years in both the public and private sectors, including running a consultancy in advising companies on strategic HR matters like talent development and management.

Giau Kim leads the team in structuring collaboration and partnerships with external parties such as financial training platforms. These collaborations have benefited the team in building assets under administration (AUA) over the years.

Giau Kim graduated with a Master degree in Human Resource Development and an Honours (1st class) degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics. He is also a certified adult educator (ACTA) and qualified teacher (Post-Graduate Diploma in Education).

Assistant Director

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Team - AD Ariel Tan.png
About PIC02.png

Ariel Tan

Ariel has more than 16 years of experience in the banking industry. Prior to joining iFAST, she held the position of business manager at both DBS bank and Standard Chartered Bank. During her career as a business manager, she had lead team in achieving set goals and targets successfully.

Ariel is the marketer in the team. She plans and executes marketing and advertising strategies to maximise campaigns ROI. Ariel is a firm believer of “time in the market” and set clear objectives for her clients’ investment journey.

Ariel graduated with Bachelor degree in business management, majoring in Finance.

Assistant Director

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Tan Yong Guan

Yong Guan has spent the last 13 years in the banking industry, providing wealth advisory to both retail and high net worth clients. Prior to joining iFAST, he held the position of branch manager at DBS bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Yong Guan believes in building a lasting and fruitful relationship with all his clients. As an engineer by training, Yong Guan is analytical and systematic which complement his current role at iFast, advising clients on investments and risk management.

Yong Guan is handling the team’s operational processes to maximise productivity. He is the chief trainer in the team as well. He graduated with a Diploma in Finance and a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Assistant Director

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Team - AD Alan Yeo.png
About PIC02.png

Alan Yeo

Alan started his investing journey back in the year 1997, when the Asian Financial Crisis happened. He joined the banking and finance industry and spent the last 18 years assuming different roles in investment banking, private banking, and retail banking. His strength lies in his long years spent in investment banking; handling deal origination, bookrunning for primary and secondary issues of securities, and corporate broking.

Alan supports the team of Alpha Edge in terms of market analysis and advisory. Alan also participates actively in formulating strategies to grow the team size and its assets under administration (AUA).

He graduated with a Master of Science degree, majoring in Finance.

Assistant Director

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