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Why you should incorporate
stocks into your portfolio

1. Capital Growth

Shares can increase in value over time. When one buys shares in a company, its revenue and profits may grow over time. The resulting increase in share prices is capital growth.

2. Dividend Yield

Some shares can give investors some income in the form of dividends. A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company’s earnings or reserves to its shareholders. Some companies tend to pay dividends regularly (quarterly, semi-annually or annually), while others pay dividends sometimes or not at all.

3. Highest Historical Returns

Stocks have historically offered investors the highest returns.

4. Liquidity

Investors can buy and sell shares quickly and easily when we want. Stocks are relatively liquid assets. Investors who look at thinly-traded stocks (low volume) need to be aware of the heightened volatility involved.

5. Transparency

We can see the price of the shares we want to buy or sell. Investors enjoy transparency of prices transacted on the exchange and are able to buy/sell shares quickly in flexible amounts (minimum 100 shares per transaction).

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