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Gain full access to our free digital finance and investing webinars.

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Managing your wealth on your terms

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to start your investment journey


Before you can buy anything, you will need to open a trading account for the assets that you are intending to buy. I would strongly recommend opening an account with us at iFAST Global Markets. There will be an account manager assigned to you to help you in your investment journey.


By accessing your risk profile, you will know which asset classes are aligned according to your risk appetite. Again, if you open an account with us, our Account Managers will be able to assist in this area. By answering some questions on our online platform, we will be able to ascertain your risk profile too.


This is the part that many investors fail to do and resulted in investment losses. Planning your investment journey encompasses detailing your investment objectives, your expectations, etc. Your account managers will then be able to recommend the appropriate strategy to achieve your investment goals.


Ask as many questions as possible regarding your investment. There are a few articles that one can read over the internet. But do take note to ask the right people and make sure that they are qualified and licenced to provide financial advisory. Of course, each one of your account managers are both qualified and licenced by the MAS to conduct financial advisory. It is always best to have someone beside you as the market is dynamic.


There are many platforms out there in the market that provide free trading fees, etc. However, though they are free, they are usually online platforms with no one to ask and speak to when you need guidance and market updates. Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves why they are offering free services as we know that there is no free lunch literally in this world. We pride ourselves as fair and reasonable when it comes to costing and our fees are only marginal compared to your investment capital. You can always reach out to us to know more about our fee schedule.


After researching and asking about the asset that you are buying, next is to click on the “buy” button. At iFAST Global Markets, we have one of the most user-friendly online platforms in the market. Moreover, we conduct regular webinars for our clients to guide them on using our online platforms. That is one difference which we would like to emphasize if you are comparing us and the other “free” platforms. Any mistakes on these platforms can be expensive.


Leave us an email to get in touch with you. That is one of the most important things, if not the most important. Our knowledgeable and competent Account Managers will be more than happy to assist in any way. By the way, we do not charge for consultation so what are you waiting for, let us walk alongside you as you begin this rewarding journey.

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Learn about wise investment in the time of pandemic

Should you take the plunge to invest now?

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most dangerous challenges this world has faced in our lifetime. We’re amidst a lot of uncertainty in every sense of the word. Hence, it has become all the more important to actively look for relevant investment plans that can secure your future.

At Alpha Edge, you can access a library of finance webinars to help you understand and grow your wealth, and gain access to insights and ideas of our latest financial research and analyses.

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