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Get a sustainable healthcare with comprehensive hospitalisation coverage

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Make Plans for Your

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The cost of medical care in Singapore is rising steadily over the years. It makes sense to include health insurance to cover the medical expenses in the unfortunate event of an injury, illness, or disability.

All Singaporeans are covered under MediShield life, which is a basic government health plan to cover large medical bills. You may choose to enhance this coverage by purchasing an Integrated Shield Plan with a private insurer.

Integrated Shield Plan

An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) is a medical insurance plan which offers additional benefits on top of that provided by MediShield Life. Members who buy such integrated plans will also be covered under MediShield Life, subject to eligibility conditions such as age and citizenship status.

Singaporeans Citizens and Permanent Residents can pay for their MediShield Life premiums fully using MediSave. For those with IPs, there are Additional Withdrawal Limits (AWLs) to enable Singaporeans to use MediSave, up to a cap, to pay the additional premium for the private insurance component of IPs.

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The AWLs apply on top of the amount of MediSave used for MediShield Life premiums:

$300 if you are 40 years old or younger on your next birthday

$600 if you are 41 to 70 years old on your next birthday

$900 if you are 71 years or older on your next birthday

Each insured person can only have one Integrated Shield Plan paid with MediSave.

Should I buy a health insurance on top of my MediShield Life

If you prefer to be admitted to a better ward or private hospital, you can consider an upgrade to an Integrated Shield Plan with wider coverage.

If you are healthy and young, as insurers may exclude coverage for certain conditions in the future after you have developed health issues.

If you have a family as medical emergencies can be very expensive. Do take note of the deductibles and co-insurance payment are affordable for the long term.

If you are a senior citizen as the risks of an injury increase with age.


Kindly take note that online purchase is only available for customers residing in Singapore.


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