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Get the best deal and pack up for your travel with protection.
Because setbacks are not part of your itinerary.

Benefits of Travel Insurance with
Comprehensive or Basic Coverage

Trip Cancellation, Medical Emergencies, Lost Baggage/Items, Missed Connections, Travel Delay, Overseas Medical Care, etc.

Enjoy quotations from different insurers with one input.

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Due to an unforeseen circumstance like your tour operator going out of business, you become ill or someone close passes away, you may need to cancel your travel. Travel insurance that includes trip cancellation coverage will reimburse the prepaid, non-refundable costs of your trip in these kinds of situations.


When it comes to medical evacuation, travel medical insurance covers the expense of being taken to the closest health care facility overseas, and it also may pay for someone to be flown back to the Singapore for advanced medical attention. Along with medical evacuation, a policy can cover the repatriation, or transfer, of a traveller’s remains to Singapore.


Missing a connection while you are traveling can be a costly hassle. Missed connection travel insurance reimburses you if you miss a departure for a reason listed in the policy. This would compensate for a travel delay of, say, three, six or 12 hours caused by something like a mechanical failure on a plane or a storm that prevents a cruise ship from docking on time. The compensation typically would cover the cost of catching up to a tour or cruise.


Whether your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged, it could get expensive to replace all the contents, including clothes, electronic devices and medication. Travel insurance could help cover much of the cost of these items.


Travel delays are a headache for many travellers. A policy with travel delay coverage can reimburse restaurant and hotel expenses when a flight is delayed because of bad weather or a mechanical problem. The daily amount will depend on the plans selected.


As a foreigner, the medical bill incurred overseas can be hefty. With the coverage of a travel insurance, this cost may be reimbursed back to you upon returning to Singapore depending on the type of coverage.



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Explore the world safely with

It will be weird to pack your tuxedos into your luggage if you are visiting a beach resort. And if you are heading onto a cruise ship, there is usually a fine dining night when guests will have to dress up. In this instance, remember to pack in a set of formal clothes into your luggage.

Dressing “correctly” is also a way to address safety concerns. If you are visiting a destination that is famous for petty theft like pickpocketing, do try to dress like the locals to avoid standing out like a sore thumb.

our hand-picked travel tips


How much cash should you take and in what form?  The simplest approach is to forget large wad of cash.  Instead, bring your ATM cards or credit cards and pull out your money as you need it. Remember to enable these cards for overseas use before departing.

Try to estimate your daily expenses and bring just slightly above that amount only each day when you are leaving your hotel. Leave the extra cash in the safe (if there is one in the hotel) so that in the event of theft, you will have money back in the hotel.

Do not keep all your cash and cards in one spot. Keep them separated like some in the wallet, some in your pockets, some in your travel bags, etc. Diversification is key here, just like your investment portfolio.


Do some readings on your destination. Buy or borrow travel guides. Browse forums. Go to YouTube and search for videos of some of your destinations.

List out where and when you want to visit certain places. These may include a visit to the famous food joints. Include the mode of transport travelling in between locations so as not to waste time while travelling.

Booking your flight tickets early usually saves you some money which then can be use for your other travel needs. Booking early for your hotel stays can also ensure that you will get your desired hotels overseas in case, these hotels may get overbook as time passes.

Research & Planning

Anything can happen during the journey, like losing your expensive camera to theft, visiting the local hospital for emergencies, etc. Always travel with a peace of mind and purchase the necessary travel insurance. You can always buy them here with us.

Lastly, always keep an open mind. Remember you are travelling into another country and therefore, you may experience different ways of doing things and culture. Do not judge their customs and be respectful.

Travel Insurance

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