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Why you should add ETFs and Unit Trust into your investment portfolio

Risk Management

Concentration risks can be eliminated as within the ETF or Unit Trust fund, there are many companies.


As these ETFs or Unit Trusts invest in a big number of companies, sometimes even globally, investors can instantly diversify their investment to manage risk.

Low Transaction Fees

It is cheaper to buy an ETF or a Unit Trust compared to if investors are to buy all the underlying assets of the ETF or Unit Trust.

Low Capital

Investors are able to invest as low as $100 per month with a regular savings plan. The minimum investment amount for some of the Unit Trust funds is $1,000 for one-time investing method.

Professional Management for Unit Trust

Unit Trust funds are managed by professional fund managers supported by big teams of research analysts. As such, investors are able to benefit from their expertise.

Low Management Expenses

ETFs provide investors with a choice to invest into an index of their choice and enjoy low management fees as these ETFs usually simply track an index.


For ETFs, they are traded across stock exchanges and have trading liquidity as a result. For Unit Trust funds, the fund management companies will have a price-per-unit determined daily, thus ensuring smooth buying and selling of its Unit Trust.

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